Govt Consultation on Landfill Levy, Waste Data and More: An Explainer from the Zero Waste Community

At the end of last year the Ministry for the Environment released an 81 page tome announcing a proposal to increase and expand the waste disposal levy (the landfill levy), improve waste data, and make a plan for how to invest the extra levy revenue. The proposal is out for public consultation – submissions are due by 3 February 2020, 5pm.

Raising the landfill levy

As with the product stewardship consultation, we got feedback on social media that people would find it helpful if we could produce some accessible info docs to support them in making a submission.

The Rubbish Trip, the New Zealand Product Stewardship CouncilZero Waste Network AotearoaEnvision New Zealand and Para Kore teamed up together to produce a submssion guidline. We also got support and technical advice from the very knowledgeable Lisa Eve. Together, we thought a good place to start would be to distill the 81 page doc into its key components (in case you don’t have time to read the full doc!) and to set out our position on the proposals so that you know where we stand. Scroll down to have a read!

Our last word is to be wary that, unlike product stewardship, which most people seem keen to get behind (once they understand what it is!), increasing the levy is controversial because… taxes! When the proposal is viewed in isolation, it looks a bit like the Government focusing on the end of the waste disposal pipe, rather than the bigger picture. But remember that this is only one policy proposal among many – the product stewardship proposal came first. We think it’s important to view the Government’s Waste Work Programme holistically and remember that there are many pieces to the puzzle of our waste problems.

Download the following explainer as a PDF: Final-Levy-Consult-Summary-and-Position-1.pdf A huge mihi to Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince from The Rubbish Trip for their amazing work in putting this together.