Para Kore is a zero waste organisation with a kaupapa based on whakapapa to Papatūānuku and expressed through an experienced and skilled team who are passionate about, and committed to, achieving a zero waste Aotearoa.

Te Pae Tata

“Hei te 2025 e whai ana ngā marae katoa o Aotearoa i te Para Kore.”
“By 2025, all marae and Māori organisations in New Zealand are working towards zero waste.”

Para Kore is working towards embedding zero waste behaviours within marae and Māori communities across Aotearoa. This means spreading the word that putting everything in the same black rubbish bag is no longer acceptable. While ‘de-normalising’ this throwaway mentality, we aim to normalise the careful consumption of local products, to promote reuse, recycling and composting as standard practices and to nurture and encourage creative new systems which enable sharing of resources. Our ultimate goal is to create and nurture systems which produce no waste in the first instance, and in the meantime ensure that materials previously considered to be waste will instead be seen as a resource.

Te Pae Tawhiti

“Riro taonga mai, hoki taonga atu.”
“We receive valuable resources from Papatūānuku, we return valuable resources to her.”

Para Kore sees a future where marae, whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori industry, Māori tertiary institutions and Māori society at large take an active and leading role in working towards zero waste, highlighting the way in protecting natural resources for our tamariki, mokopuna. Where we, Para Kore, empower and support marae and organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand to work towards zero waste, through the delivery of innovative education and support within the frameworks of kaupapa and tikanga Māori.